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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2019 is a version of the software intended for use by architects. It contains tools that help you develop drawings and carry out architectural designing.

The process of creating architectural projects is quite time-consuming and complicated. However, it is greatly simplified by AutoCAD Architecture 2019. It contains a set of tools to help create accurate and high-quality schemes of buildings:

  • the geometry of the building project;

  • types of partitions and facades;

  • annotations and sheets for printing.

The various constituent elements in the design and reporting of a construction project are represented by drawing files in this software. They can be made up for specific elements of the building, and presented in a broader form, for example, for the whole building or structure as a whole. Large drawings refer to smaller. All kinds of drawings can be viewed in the project structure Manager.
The software allows classifying all drawings into different categories depending on what function the drawing performs within the whole project.


This is a geometric diagram of the building. Such drawings contain only one structural element of the building. At least one construction should represent each floor. If you are designing a complex building of the large area, each floor can be represented by several constructions. Then each of them is designed for individual elements, such as:

  1. Walls;

  2. Furniture;

  3. Bearing elements.


They are a union of several drawing structures. This is a schematic view of the designed object. Floor-type drawing, for example, consists of drawings of wall structures, load-bearing elements, cabins and interior items. Also, the view drawing of the building can be represented by drawings of structures of all floors. The software also contains special view drawings. They are created for:

  • partitions;

  • elements;

  • facades.


A worksheet is a worksheet space tab that has been registered as a worksheet. The sheet contains one or more views.
In the sheet area, called sheet space, you can add a title block, display scaled views of the model space using the sheet viewports, and create tables, specifications, annotations, and dimensions for the drawing.
The software allows you to use sheets to print or publish documents for the current project. View drawings are referenced in sheet drawings. The user can print and publish sheets of the current project.


This project component provides support drawings for organizing design references. They consist of several repetitive elements of the same type of building. This can be toilets, bathrooms or showers located on each floor. Therefore, to avoid duplicating the drawing each time, you can reference the drawing of a particular feature.
The same element can be placed on different levels and in different sections. If you create a bathroom plan as an element, you can use it for both the third floor of the Westside and the second floor of the Eastside. To place an element on a specific floor and in the appropriate wing, it is introduced into the design by reference.