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Autodesk Revit 2020 software is designed for automation process of design based on the principle of building information modeling.
This software is mainly used by engineers engaged in the design of engineering systems and supporting structures. These and other projects are created in the three-dimensional space thanks to this program. It also opens up possibilities of:
1. Flat drawing.
2. Creation of various architectural objects.
3. Collaboration of several users.
4. Production of working documentation and specifications.
Autodesk Revit 2020 combines the best features of the previous version and updates that open up even more possibilities when creating projects and models. Read more about this below.

Improving the efficiency of creating projects for electrical equipment

It is possible to use the feed through the tips in the design of electrical distribution systems in the updated version. The user is able to conduct a detailed analysis of the projected object due to the presence of its digital model. This feature also greatly simplifies the process of models and projects documenting.
Homerun's updated wiring features allow for more effective control over the marks and arrows that are used to create wiring design documentation. Working with this documentation is simplified thanks to this updated feature.

Creation of elliptical and curtain walls projects

This enhanced feature of the software has a number of tools that allow you to establish the relationship between the process of creating a project and the manufacture of supporting structures. The ability to accurately model concrete walls is made possible by this feature. This is achieved by:
1. The ability to create copies and change the location of the armature. This allows you to most accurately simulate the placement of the armature, using digital shapes.
2. Preparation of high-quality project documentation through the use of multi-bar annotations for flat parallel reinforcement sets and surfaces made of concrete.
3. The use of three-dimensional modeling increases the level of versatility of armature and allows you to create a high degree of accuracy reinforcement.

Creating accurate design requirements for steel parts and work pieces

This new feature is achieved through the introduction of updated steel connections in the software. It assumes the following options:
1. Possibility of using the same steel joint in different parts of a large project. This will allow you to significantly reduce the design period.
2. Combining similar steel joints in groups to simplify and improve the management of structures that are repeated several times. This option also allows you to modify and edit samples of the same type in the same group.
3. The ability to create more accurate and easy-to-read drawings by updating the label functions and dimensions of steel parts.

PDF underlay support

This updated option allows you to reconcile portable 2D data with the PDF format. This will help you design and model new objects based on them. This feature makes it possible to connect data and objects in 2D format in billing information modeling, which allows supporting workflows of construction.