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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 is software designed to automate the design process and release related documentation.
This software is used to create digital designs and models for numerous industrial products. It became possible to fully automate the process of modeling and creating project documentation thanks to this software.

Features and functionality of the software:

  • Seamless interaction with AutoCAD Mechanical software. These programs are in direct relationship, which allows you to create project documentation in the shortest possible time, as well as greatly simplifies the process of making changes to each component at any stage of design. Thus, all changes made to Autodesk Inventory Professional 2020 are automatically duplicated in AutoCAD Mechanical.

  • Working with DWG objects. This allows you to save drawings in any custom format, including DWG. Thus, the user is able to change objects of any format, save and print them. This function also gives you an oppotunity to make the most accurate measurements of objects of any format.

  • The relationship between 2D and 3D format files. This implies that the user has the ability not only to work and save objects in different formats, but also to combine work with files that are created in different formats and belong to the same project.

  • Synchronization of templates. This feature allows you to simultaneously open documents with the DWG extension to automatically generate layers and text and dimension styles in compliance with the requirements for drawings. This significantly reduces the time spent on creating drawings strictly according to customer requirements.

  • Combining designed elements and assemblies by creating diagrams. After working with the drawings, the designer can check their correctness using a virtual assembly. This increases efficiency and eliminates errors and inaccuracies.

  • Creation of projects and models for pipelines and cable systems. Thus, the designer has the opportunity to design the pipeline and create a project of laying it in a compressed space. The software has all the necessary tools for this. Version 2020 has all their latest updates.

  • Create part models from sheet elements. This allows you to create models of reamer parts, flanges, and curved profiles in a three-dimensional space. The process of creating these models is fully automated.

The latest software version updates

The latest release of the software has improved functionality, updated tools and enhanced collaboration capabilities with other software. The following is a description of the major updates:

  • Light Theme interface update is a general visual change, new graphical presets, multi-monitor support, migration capabilities to migrate from previous versions to 2020.

  • Improve the accuracy of the sketches you create.

  • Using the property bar interface by Frame Generator commands.

  • The ability to combine work with Fusion 360 by seamlessly sharing data.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity of work processes.

  • Ability to add, adjust or delete geometric objects using 3D tools.

  • Inventor Read Only Mode is automatically installed when you install the software.

  • Increase options and operational efficiency by extending the property bar interface with the Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, and Thread commands.

Share timely feedback with built-in collaboration tools

Satisfy demands for custom products and automated processes

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