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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019 Subscription

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The software is earmarked for skilful workers in the sphere of designing and engineering. It allows using modelling the processes in manufacturing.
In the update of the product, the developers focused their attention on increasing the capacity of the program. They optimized all the components and some specific functions. It also presents some renovations in co-work and many other things.

Interface changing

While starting the program the user will see a new splash screen. It is more animated than used to be. The logo has changed into more neutral with black-and-white colours. Previously it was multicoloured. But the icon of the program the developers decided didn’t change.
The tool for creating a new view doesn’t have any hidden lines anymore. They were deleted and shadowed for basic and projective views. The navigation is performed in the sort of previews. Some views were also updated for such tools as nominating views, levels of detailing, and positional views.

Increasing capacity

The productivity of the program was enhanced. It is especially noticed with big assemblies and immense sketches. Several realms have become much faster than in a previous version:
1. Screw hole – the renovations are noticeable when models contain a great number of holes. The model works faster and it has become easier to edit it.
2. Zooming – it deals with the speed of approximation. With the help of the scroll wheel, you can do the manipulations much faster than it was before, especially with complex details.

Contextual editing has also begun to work faster when you open it and close. The nominating view has changed in the process of activation. The speed of response was enhanced. In the tool of positional view, the renovations are downloading and installing faster. As a result, the switching between positional views and detailing levels takes less time.

The specifications of a library component

The components library uses the cashing of deleted details during the process of modelling to reduce the time of waiting when you apply to a remote model. With the updating of iLogic technology, it has become simpler to code the rules for adding, editing and changing the dependencies components.

In the new version, new measurement units are available. iLogic connections allow creating a new iLogic assembly where all the dependencies and intromissions are formulated on the basis of rules. The developers also present new commands inside the software. One of them is «Save Current Status». It lets the user save the statuses while applying to such functions as Components.Add, Components Constraints.Add, Constraints.Add и Patterns.Add. The user can get information about several components in the trunk of the model. The data are collecting only once.

The user can also give names to the faces and ridges. And then it has become possible to add new dependencies for these elements. All the information about iLogic components and work is available in the reference on iLogic API. The reference section is only in English now.