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The program is used for fulfilment different projects in the sphere of geodesy, topography and projecting and reconstruction of long objects.
In the current stable version, the company of developers paid attention to renovations in projective effectiveness. It has become possible to create a fixed round or a fixed parabolic vertical curve by stating the highest or the lowest point.

A new option «General curve length» is now included in the view of «Profile objects» and in a box window «Configuration profile parameters». It shows a general length of a vertical curve. An option «General curve length» is available for all the vertical curves.

An option «General curve length» can be edited in case of a fixed round and a fixed parabolic vertical curves, created by stating the highest and the lowest point. The tool «General curve length» shows all the length of a curve, and «length» - the exact length of the curve part, if straight areas exist between them.

Now the parameter ApplyAOR in Subassembly Composer influences the elements at building the railways the following way:
1. Before starting the parameter for the element in a block-scheme, the shape doesn’t correct by using exaltation of an outer rail.
2. After stating this it can be corrected by using the previous point.
So, it has become possible to achieve a necessary calculation for an outer rail stating the parameter for only one unit and made all other points depend on the first one.

Renovations for stable work

Opening and saving of several files and sketches can be done with the utility of a package saving Autodesk. In a package mode, the user can start his own scenarios. You can start this option to fulfil the chain of commands, such as «clear» or «check» with several sketches. There are also examples of scenarios, that can be edited and previewed.

Collaboration and data exchange

The user can create the corridors Autodesk Civil 3D from the parts of the roads Autodesk InfraWorks. When the user adds the parts of the roads, the constructions are created with the use of the element from Autodesk Civil 3D, and also corridors. With the new option «Export» it is possible to export the sketches and split all the objects created in the program.

Working process of exchanging data

The user can create a conceptual project in InfraWorks, and then transfer the model in Autodesk Civil 3D for making a detailed projection. You can do all the manipulations vice versa. You don’t need to set up all these programs together, for example, you can open a local copy of InfraWorks by using the file IMX in Civil 3D.

In the parameters the user can state what objects can be imported in the program. It also calculates what parameters will be used for objects. You can install several files for using in different situations. There are some standard files available in XML format. They deal with all objects, planning, and design.