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AutoCAD 2020 is a software package that contains specialized tools and various applications for creating projects and drawings.
The possibilities of the software help create high-quality visual models using the mental ray rendering system. This software allows you to use three-dimensional printing and work with 3D scanning. This article describes the main features and tools of the latest AutoCAD software release.

Improving efficiency and performance

In the updated version of the program some functions and operations have been changed to improve their efficiency and productivity:

  1. The installation time of the program has been significantly reduced.

  2. File saving operations are faster now.

  3. Access times to blocks, external links, and other files located on network resources are shorter.

Connecting to cloud storage

The updated version of the program allows you to choose to save or open files directly through cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Box and OneDrive.Installed modules determine whether the software is associated with a specific file store.

Ability to save on the Internet and on gadgets

This possibility appeared with the release of the previous version. In the updated version of the program, this feature has been updated as follows:

  1. Now you can disable this feature. This can be done by running the “Internet component Manager “menu command or on the “Web Content” tab, you should turn off the option " Open and save drawings online and on mobile devices."

  2. All *.xref files are saved in the updated version when you save the files using “Save online and on mobile device” command. This update is very useful.

Graphics system

The updated version of AutoCAD 2020 runs and functions on DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 systems. It can also work if DirectX is not installed. This software release is also supported on high-resolution monitors and dual-monitor systems.

Updated interface

The interface has become more convenient and pleasant to work thanks to some updates of colors:

  1. The main interface themes have been updated by the developers. Now the contrast between dark and light became even more pronounced.

  2. The active tabs of the ribbon are highlighted in blue, which makes it more visible when working.

  3. A new block Palette tool is available in this version of the software. It changed the block insert window. This feature makes a number of new options available:

    • Access to:

      • Blocks in the current drawing.

      • Blocks those were last used.

      • Blocks from another drawing.

    • The ability to use a filter to quickly find the right elements and drawings.

    • The ability to reposition objects by running a new palette command “Repeat placement”.

    This new feature has features in operation that you need to know:

    1. Blocks can be moved from the palette directly to the drawing, and the default insertion options are applied to them.

    2. Double-clicking on a block in the palette will insert it with the settings specified at the bottom of the palette.

    3. Lists of blocks that were inserted last are saved when you move from one drawing to another, and between different work sessions.

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