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Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 is software that helps to create a three-dimensional drawing using 3d graphics.
The computer-aided design greatly simplifies the work of architects and designers. Thanks AutoCAD 2018 you don't have to create drawings manually.

DWG file format

This version of the software contains a DWG file format. It makes opening and saving files faster and more efficient. This is very important, especially when it comes to drawings with numerous annotative objects.
Increasing the speed of saving the file is due to the fact that the file is not saved all at once but in parts. This has a positive effect on working with different drawings, as it reduces the waiting time for the program to perform operations.

High-resolution monitor support

The updated software version made it possible to use it for monitors with high expansion and pixel density. Thus, a perfect image is provided on different types of monitors, even on those that were not available with previous versions of the program. These made it possible to upscale and display in accordance with the settings of Windows the following UI elements:

  • tab files command prompt;

  • the layer Manager;

  • toolbars;

  • cursor sight.

In this update, the developers have also solved such a problem as the lack of communication between the graphical interface elements and the size of the system font. The interface now automatically changes when you change the font size.

Saving sort files

This update allows you to save the sorting state of files in file manipulation Windows. This means that if you have previously worked with files and saved them in ascending order, for example, such sorting will be saved each time you open this window.

Managing layers

This version of the software makes it possible to add a list to manage layers to the quick access toolbar. To do this, the user needs to click on Customize button of the panel and select the Layer tab.

Selecting objects outside the work window

Thanks to the system variable SELECTIONOFFSCREEN, users can select objects that are located outside the working window.
This means that when a frame selects a portion of a drawing, the selection continues even when you zoom or pan the drawing relative to the screen. This became available only in this version of the software and in previous versions, the selection of objects was removed when they were moved off the screen.

3-D views in drawings

In this release, REGEN3 command has been added. If you have viewports in drawings that display 3D bodies and surfaces, if you encounter problems with 3D rendering, this command re-builds the 3D graphics in the displayed views, including all tessellations of 3D bodies and surfaces.

Information security

Each version of AutoCAD software is reliably protected from external threats. However, the number of new virus programs is constantly growing. Software developers regularly update the information protection of new versions of the program. That is why it is very important for all users to monitor the release of updated versions and install them on their devices. This will help to avoid potential threats.